Sol’eart inspiration – David Gerstein

At the age of 77, Gerstein works 10 hours days and continues to produce marvelous works that are celebrated all over the world. It’s no surprise that we find him inspiring and based one of our pieces on his style of work!

The “Spring Butterfly” is a pair of colourful mules that is very reminiscent of Gerstein’s pop art 3D sculptural style.

Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, Gerstein began creating 2 dimensional paintings and then developed a 3-dimensional approach to sculpture utilizing laser cut steel. The colors that Gerstein applies to his sculpture are vibrant and lively, creating a kind of animation to his artwork.

What really stands out about David Gerstein is that he strives hard to make his art accessible. While most galleries and museums have rules that allow no touching the art pieces, Gerstein insists on a hands-on approach and firmly believes his work is meant for the public and not for private collectors.

He said “My philosophy is that art should touch life. It shouldn’t be something that you see once a year when you go to a museum.” Currently, his larger than life pieces lay in various countries particularly in South East Asia. These art pieces are accessible to the public and are primarily in hospitals and nursing homes and other public places like universities and stadiums.

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