Sol’eart inspiration – Frida Kahlo

Inspired by celebrated and well renowned artist Frida Kahlo, we created “The Frida that’s available in a mule with her signature red bold lips and flowers.

Self-portraits hold a very important place in her work. They account for about 55 of the 150 works she painted, thus giving her the title “the Queen of portraits.” By making herself the subject, she expresses her suffering. Painting thus becomes a voice of her pain.

Aside from being known for her art, Frida is a beauty icon and her influence still carries forward in today’s time. With bold red lips, one unibrow (highly accentuated in all of her paintings) and a confident look on her face, no one can remain indifferent to her ultra-individual style. She’s a constant source of inspiration to artists and stylists which is ironic because she was considered to be fairly unfashionable at the time, with her hair parted down the centre, and braided into a tight bun.

Her unique signature style could easily be identified, and often featured throughout her work, paired with imagery of foliage and flowers from her own garden, jewelry made from shells, stone and bones, as well as some of her pets. This was her way of demonstrating the close relationship between humans, animals and nature. Kahlo frequently incorporated plants/flowers/foliage like “elephant-ear” leaves  or Viejo (old-man cactus), other cacti and flowers.

As for her obsession with flowers, she is known to have said “I paint flowers so they will not die.”

Currently, there are multiple exhibits that feature her work and her story and very soon, a musical based on her life will be released on Broadway.

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